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written 11.18.20

It’s time for a giveaway!  Unfortunately, I can only offer the giveaway for those in the Charlotte area which I will explain in a moment … but first, let me explain the reason for the giveaway. Actually, the reason is twofold …

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported Explore More Family Travel during this crazy year. I know people are not buying much travel this year, but I really appreciate all of you who click to read this email, no matter how often you do it. And what better way to show what you are grateful for than the week leading up to Thanksgiving? The contest runs from now until next Wednesday at 8:00 AM. I will announce the winner in next week’s newsletter.

Secondly, I need to get the word out about the new Sips & Trips Virtual Event Kits. I was all geared up to run a Facebook ad, but my friend Cari, who owns Salacia Salts is collaborating with me on these kits, suggested a giveaway. Wouldn’t I rather my marketing dollars go towards those who already support me? The answer is yes! By doing a giveaway, there is a good chance one of you reading this or those who already follow me on social media will win, so good luck!!!

I realize not everyone on my list celebrates Christmas, so if you want to participate in the event, I will ensure that your kit includes another project that you can make.

There are two virtual events to choose from, a cocktail hour and a family-friendly event (although you do not have to have kids to attend). Click here for more details.

The reason I can only offer this locally is because this is the first month for the kits, and I want to make sure I have my arms around the variables before committing to shipping the kits to multiple addresses. If all goes well, I will offer shipping in the future and will create another giveaway for those outside of North Charlotte and its suburbs AKA Lake Norman.

For those in the Lake Norman area, you can increase your chances to win by tagging friends in the giveaway post and sharing the post on social media. Facebook has new rules that forbid me from requiring someone to share a post or comment on it in order to be entered in a the contest. However, I am allowed to offer extra entries to those who share and tag after they enter the giveaway. Once you enter the contest here, you will receive an email reminding you to tag or share.

Please note, I am more than than happy to ship kits to create private events for groups of fifteen or more. Everyone can pay individually for the private event kit through my store. I think these virtual events could be a great option for office holiday parties or a group of friends trying to catch up in a socially distanced way.

At the end of the day, I am a seller of travel. Each kit will be inspired by travel. I will tie some of the elements to travel or culture and will chat about that while we sip – thus, sips and trips! However, the virtual kits are about more than travel, they are about engaging and creating a travel inspired (not focused!) community during a time in our lives when we could all use an outlet.

You can go ahead and reserve your kit below. If you win the giveaway, I will credit your card back for the charges. The cocktail kit and adult apron family edition kit is $49.99. The child apron family edition kit is $39.99. All 3 kits can be purchased below using the reserve kit links.

Reserve Adult Hot Cocoa Kit here.

We are headed to Florida on Friday for some outside fun in the sun before we hunker down for winter.  Please follow our COVID cautious journey on social media!

Keep Dreaming,

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