Explore More guides you through the travel process to ensure your vacation is beyond amazing. Every trip is custom designed. Each detail is handled by a travel professional who uses travel expertise and industry connections to ensure your trip is everything you dreamed it would be. Most of our service packages include an interactive itinerary app that gives you access to your entire trip. The app even works offline when you cannot find Wi-Fi. But it doesn’t end there, we will continue to build excitement for your trip as the date draws nearer.

Who do we help & how do we help them?

Good questions!  We have outlined who needs our services and how our typical process works. 
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Travel Design

No two trips are the same, nor are two travelers. Some clients need more services than others. That is why Explore More allows you to choose the level of service you desire. Prices vary depending on your exact trip, but we provide some estimates for our most popular options so you know what to expect. Click the button below for more details.

Luxury Defined

Can luxury be fun? Absolutely! Many people have this idea that luxury travel means white linens and crystal. The modern definition is quite different, at least when it comes to travel. Luxury travel means a seamless travel experience with access to exclusive and unique experiences and elevated service. It is attainable for anyone whose focus is on the value of the trip versus the price.

Ways We Add Value To Your Travel Experience

  • Your trip is not just another booking. It receives a personal touch from someone who cares.
  • Becoming part of the Explore More Family. We don’t just book vacations. We are genuinely excited about your journey and hope you keep us updated while you are away.
  • Worry-free vacations! Staying organized makes me happy. We have processes in place so that you can focus on what is important leading up to and during travel … engaging with each other while connecting to the world.
  • We partner with travel industry professionals around the world and work with colleagues who specialize in your destination.
  • Access to exclusive amenities with select travel industry suppliers.