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Picking the right accommodations for a family of Europe is challenging. Rooms for 4 are hard to come by as are guaranteed connecting rooms. Luckily, I have the research and connections that make the task easier to manage. We actually ended up with a combination of the two options – a room for four in Paris and connecting rooms in Loire Valley.  I love doing first impression videos of our hotel rooms with the boys, so of course, this trip was no exception. The only problem is that I missed the excitement of our first view of the Eiffel Tower due to me trying to open the window with one hand while recording, oops!

Our room at Hotel Villa Haussman was so spacious (by Paris standards at least) and had a separated toilet which is kind of a big deal when you are dealing with four people trying to get ready at the same time every day. It was well located to metro and there were several restaurants nearby, but it was not in the thick of the crowds. Of course, we loved our view of the Eiffel Tower. I enjoyed drinking wine and playing my French music playlist from our vintage car tour while enjoying the view. The boys enjoyed the indoor pool and friendly staff. They were so helpful and engaging with the children, employees make such a difference in the client experience.
For those not familiar with the name, Haussmann is the man who pretty much created the Paris we know today. Ironically, he was a public administrator with no formal training as an architect or urban planner. However, it is his vision of long, wide avenues characterized by rows of regularly aligned and generously proportioned neo-classical apartment blocks faced in creamy stone that we think of today when we envision Paris. This is exactly what the entire area around our hotel looked like.
Haussmann also engineered grand squares, city parks, aqueduct systems, elaborate fountains, grandiloquent public lavatories, rows of newly planted trees, grand rail stations, and many iconic buildings you still recognize in Paris today.
I really liked our hotel in Paris, but I LOVED our hotel in the Loire Valley. Les Sources de Cheverny was idyllic and perfect. Of course, I loved it – it is a Virtuoso affiliated property! I have covered our Paris experiences already, but since many of our experiences in Loire Valley were at Les Sources, I will be going into more detail of our stay there.

Les Sources des Cheverny

Don’t get me wrong, I loved our spacious accommodations, but what I really loved was the property itself. We knew we were in for a treat on arrival as we made our way down the long drive and approached the original chateau on property. Click HERE for a peek into what that was like! The sky was spectacular during sunset during our first evening, see for yourself!

Our rooms were built to look like they were part of the farm. We opted for these rooms because they are connecting, but we loved that we could still enjoy the chateau – the entire ground floor had been turned into common space where we enjoyed an epic game of Loire Valley Monopoly with names of the surrounding rivers and chateaus instead of NYC real estate (yes, we brought one home with us!)

The boys felt it was a little posh when we arrived and thus were sitting up straight and proper in below photo. It was not fancy, it was just casual luxury which is right up my alley. The luxury was evident in the level of service and nice touches like the luggage cart below.

The breakfast at the hotel was farm fresh and deserves an honorable mention in the category of best complimentary breakfast at a Virtuoso affiliated property, click HERE for a peek. We also enjoyed dinner at the casual restaurant that shares the same kitchen as their Michelin star restaurant.  
Soon the boys settled right into their posh surroundings and embraced the casual luxury lifestyle!

I truly enjoyed our time at Les Sources. I needed the down time after our busy days in Paris. As I head into the long holiday weekend ahead, I look forward to slowing down and connecting with family after a busy few weeks of business.  

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