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lead travel advisor

Jen is our founder & CEO, so there is a lot of info about her already splattered across the pages of this website, but here is a little summary for you.  

When she found out that she was having twins, her plans of globe-trotting with a baby in tow did not seem so simple anymore, but she had to try!  She is so glad she did because not only did she realize not only was it possible, it was enjoyable.  More importantly, it led her to create a family travel company that helps busy families prioritize travel.

Prior to creating Explore More Family, she was a Financial Analyst and spent most of her professional career at Gulfstream Aerospace.  Thus, she knows a thing or two about luxury travel.  She also knows about ensuring that a financial investment yields favorable returns, and there is no greater return on investment than memories that last a lifetime!


Kelli’s most important job is being a mommy to two adorable toddlers,.  She is originally from Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State, but her family relocated in 2020.  Her absolute favorite things are the water, travel, and kids which makes her the perfect fit for Explore More!  Prior to becoming a mommy, she was an event planner for the American Cancer Society.  She also teaches swim lessons on the side (she’s basically a mermaid).  

Much like Jen, she was not sure how her passion for travel would work with young children.  However, she took her firstborn to Punta Cana when he was only 8 months old and was sold on family travel! 

Kelli has worked with Explore More the longest and has transitioned into the role of travel advisor.  We now have two advisors creating trips for our clients.  

travel advisor



client experience manager

Dana loves exploring new places, but her favorite travel destination (so far!) is Vienna, Austria.    She is ready to ‘explore more’, and we are excited to be part of her journey!

Dana is local to the Lake Norman area.  She has been married for 27 years and has three children.  She is also the mother of 3 rescue pups and is a volunteer at Rescue Ranch both working on-site and helping with fundraising efforts.

What is particularly exciting about the addition of Dana to our team is that she comes to Explore More with six years of travel industry experience including working for the woman who advised Jen when she decided to enter the industry and at Explore More’s host agency, Gifted Travel Network.  What are the chances?  Not only has she worked in the industry, but she has traveled with the assistance of a Virtuoso travel agent so she understands how the industry works from multiple angles.  This wealth of knowledge makes her the perfect choice for our new Client Experience Manager position.  She will ensure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted once a booking is completed by Jen.  They will work together to keep clients excited about their trip and ensure that clients have all of the details needed prior to departure.


A millennial at heart, and traveler by passion, Cass is a lover of all things Enneagram and a seeker of drool-worthy food. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Cass’s love for travel started brewing during her annual trips to Northwestern Ohio to see her great grandparents. As a college junior, she found her way to Cuba, doing philanthropic work with the locals of Matanzas. With no plan to stop, Cass made her way to Gabon, Africa her senior year to teach underprivileged women a craft, from which they earned a profit as Cass sold their product in the U.S. 

We have not even mentioned her drive and love for planning yet! Every family has one but she is THE planner. She plans her family’s annual vacations and is always looking for ways to ‘explore more’ With a plethora of administrative skill sets, Cass is perfect as our Client Support Specialist.  She assists Jen in the creation of itineraries and all of the other tasks involved in finalizing a booking.  Her role will grow as she learns the travel industry, and she is ready to hit the ground running giving our clients the best travel itineraries to date.


client support specialist