New Year New Growth

Meet Our New Travel Advisor

I am thrilled to announce that Kelli, who has been helping me with special projects and social media as Client Engagement Specialist, is taking the leap and becoming a travel advisor this year. She lives in Ohio and is originally from Michigan, so she will be able to reach new clients in her communities. Our services allow us to have clients all over the USA, but it is our relationships with those in our respective communities that will really allow us to grow as our brand awareness and referrals increase.

Many of you recognize Kelli from prior introductions and her appearance in our social media, including her fabulous 2022 trips to Puerto Vallarta and Amalfi Coast + Capri. She has been a big cheerleader of Explore More for a while now, and it is so nice to have someone to share ideas with and talk about the travel industry since my family can only take so much!

I have thought Kelli was ready to sell travel for a while now, she has a supportive network of family and friends in her corner that I know will be a great source of bookings and referrals for her business. However, she has waited to take the plunge until now because her most important job is being a mommy to two adorable toddlers. Now that they are both in preschool, she is ready!

Kelli is originally from Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State, but her family relocated to Ohio last year. Her absolute favorite things are the water, travel, and kids which makes her the perfect fit for Explore More! Prior to becoming a mommy, she was an event planner for the American Cancer Society. She also teaches swim lessons on the side (she’s basically a mermaid). Much like me, she was not sure how her passion for travel would work with young children. However, she took her firstborn to Punta Cana when he was only 8 months old and was sold on family travel!

So, you’ll be seeing more of Kelli around here as this weekly newsletter becomes what is happening with our agency and not just me. I am ready to share all of our exciting news with you, and I am sure all of you will appreciate a change of scenery sometimes!

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