I am sorry that I lied to you last week, but there is no way that you will be getting a summary of our trip today.  I am exhausted!  29 hours in the car plus getting adjusted to the East Coast time zone plus I forgot I had a doctor appointment this morning plus being a (average at best) teacher to my kiddos plus I need a new computer plus the general down period I feel upon returning from a big trip means no such thing will be happening today.
Yes, I get a little down after a big trip.  So much energy goes into planning and executing a successful trip that I feel somewhat depleted when it ends.  I also miss being on the road and like all parents, I am pensive about the future of the school year.  I know that I will be back to my normal self by next week, so I do promise a trip summary next week!
To help me with my disappointment of the trip ending, I have become somewhat obsessed over the last 24 hours figuring out how to create fun, short videos of our trip to share.  I created them for Instagram’s IGTV to also share in Facebook, but I have since discovered that I can not share IGTV or Facebook videos via my email software, so I am sharing a YouTube link even though the quality is not as good as the social media platforms.

So, keep an eye out on my social media for more videos over the next week and I will be back with a trip summary next week.  

Keep Dreaming,

Last week, we purchased our first flights since COVID entered our lives.  The flights are for our rescheduled trip to Mexico next June, but it feels so good to be planning international travel again.  We loved our relaxing trip to Mexico in 2017 and can not wait to be back there next year with more of our family.