Sips & Trips, the hygge virtual event

I just started a Facebook group to track all of the goings on of the upcoming Sips & Trips events. So please join to ensure you don’t miss another virtual event!

Last Sunday, I co-hosted our first official first Sips & Trips Virtual Travel Event with my good friend Cari of Salacia Salts. The feedback has been fab, so I wanted to share the video link for anyone who missed it and would like to learn more about hygge and traveling to Denmark!

If only my recent birthday had been as successful as the event!  It’s hard to figure out what to do when you are clean eating and can’t order take out, but have finally reached the point in the program where you can drink wine, but it is cold out and your COVID comfort level does not allow you to sit indoors.  I was so excited to reserve an igloo at a local winery so Rob and I could sip on wine while the boys drank juice boxes and drew.  Unfortunately, it was really windy on birthday so the igloos were a no-go, and my super hygge birthday experience was not to be! 

Instead, I headed up to my local Fresh Market and stared at the selection while suffering from a case of analysis paralysis.  Eventually, I noticed an end cap with a crate of 3 French wines from Bordeaux.  I knew this was a sign because Sips & Trips is featuring France in February!  Not only that, but we are having two events, one of which is a 3 pack of Bordeaux style wines from a winery in North Carolina, Jones Von Drehle!

The virtual wine tasting will take place February 23rd at 8 pm.  Diana Jones of Jones Von Drehle will guide you through the wine tasting experience of three of their Bordeaux style wines created in North Carolina.  In addition, a guide from Bordeaux Excellence, a tour company with over 15 years experience in the region will give us a virtual French experience.  Click here for more event details or order your 3 wine pack below.

We will not always have two events, and in the future, we will space them out more – but February is too short!  Obviously, you don’t have to attend both events or even one!  The good news is that if you do attend both, you can bring the wine you do not finish on Tuesday night to sip on Thursday night!  This event will focus on charcuterie and art, featuring an expert in both fields.  I will tell you more about our speakers next week, and will share the kit for this event as well!

paris love

This is actually the first time I have not included one of my own photos is this section.  It has been so long since I have been to France that I do not have any digital photos.  This is unacceptable, and I will fix this as soon as I am able to travel again!  Instead, I will focus on the trips I have planned to France since I started this business.  Before I start that though, I wanted to use this week’s wanderlust inspiration to let everyone know why we decided to focus on France this month …

Since Paris is the city of love, and February is the month of Valentine’s Day, we thought it was a natural choice.  We will focus on all things French this month, and will also share ways to visit France virtually over on our new Sips & Trips Facebook Group.

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