More Greek Islands to visit with Family – Milos, Folegandros, & Santorini!

Yesterday, I posted my last photos from our July trip to Greece on social media.  I know I have to move on, but moving on can be hard.  Reliving our trip throughout the month of August made the adjustment back into normal life a little easier.  It also made the actual trip a little easier because I did not feel the pressure to post everything while we were gone.  That may sound silly, but social media is not just for fun as a small business owner.  I reach clients through social media and spark interests for trips, so I do not want to rush through that process while traveling.  Instead, I want to do with my family what my services allow my clients to do when they travel –

Engage with each other, connect with the world…

I have always taken too many photos when traveling and have made a point to keep them organized so that I can access them in the future, even before my phone was my camera.  Luckily the boys are usually good sports about it.  Rob has never been a good sport about taking photos, so I bought a selfie stick for this trip which is why you’ve gotten to see more of me than usual in the Greece social media posts!

Even though I wrapped up the social media posts yesterday, I felt compelled to write one more week about Greece since I still have not covered the islands of Milos, Folegandros, & Santorini.  To be honest, I could spend another month giving you updates on each island but as I said above, I probably should move on!  After all, I am a family travel specialist, not a Greece travel specialist (although I kind of am).  So, let me tell you my favorite parts about these remaining islands.

I was searching for off the beaten path destinations in Greece since we were traveling during the busy season.  The pandemic did not seem to reduce the crowds in the Greek islands.  It was not just Europeans traveling either.  I was surprised at how many American accents we heard once we left Sifnos.  I thought Milos would be somewhat quiet, but I think Instagram has helped propel Milos onto many a bucket list.  The lunar landscapes and caves alongside bright blue waters were a sight to behold.



The highlight of our time in Milos was undoubtedly our sailing trip.  Some of the boats we saw were packed with people, but since I used a trusted travel partner to help me plan our trip, we were on a small sailboat (that required COVID vaccine or testing to board) with a great crew.  If you book on TripAdvisor, you see reviews, but you don’t know who is reviewing.  I know the travel companies I am working with in a destination and they know the tour companies, so I can trust that I am going to have a superb experience, and that we did!

We were worried that our experience would not be the same because our departure point had to change because of strong winds.  I worried about getting sea sick and not seeing the famous cove of Kleftiko (Bandits’ Lair) which was an old pirates’ hideout.  This area is famous for its crystal-clear water, elaborate caves and imposing rock formations. Not only did we make it to Kleftiko, the crew chose a route that kept us from feeling the affects of the strong north winds.  We were all smiles during our full day excursion.

Even though Milos was not our favorite island of the trip, it provided the best sights and experiences.  It’s not a place that I would go to over and over again, but I highly recommend a visit so you can experience the unique landscape.  Although Milos was more crowded than I anticipated, it was nothing compared to Santorini. However, it was the only place where we had to wait for a table at dinner!


The Chora.

For those who want a cute town, let me introduce you to Folegandros.  It is a small island, but it’s close proximity to Santorini (1 hour by ferry from Santorini) makes it a perfect add on to a Greek island itinerary for those looking for something different than the typical American route (Athens-Mykonos-Santorini).  Note that this doesn’t mean it is a hidden gem.  The secret is out, and I was shocked by the amount of American accents I heard here.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to be my hidden gem!

The main attraction in Folegandros is its town (simply called Chora which literally means town in Greek).  Chora is small and manageable and all aglow in the evening which makes it feel quite magical.  I liken it to Disney World for grown ups.  When it comes to Folegandros, I think pictures say more than words …


Rob returned home after Milos, so it was nice to be able to continue our travels with my dad.  The boys are such good travelers at this point that I could do it alone, but why would I when this was the perfect time to spend some quality time with my dad.  Folegandros was his favorite island, but I knew he HAD to see one more island during this trip …


The sunsets.

If you go to Greece and you could only visit one island, I would tell you to go to Santorini and visit Oia.  The way the buildings hang off the cliffs of this island is truly remarkable.  And the sunsets are the best I’ve ever seen.  So, when my dad decided to join us on our trip and stay a few extra days with me, I knew we had to visit Santorini.  Rob and I visited in 2010, so I did not feel the need to go back, especially during peak season, but I wanted my dad to experience the magic of this island.

Other than an excursion down to Ammoudi Bay which then included a boat trip to a fish taverna, we mostly relaxed in Santorini.

We rented a car on our very last day so that I could research what to recommend to other clients based on their likes and dislikes. Based on my likes and dislikes, I can tell you that I do not see much of a reason to leave Oia, other than a sailing trip.

I am so glad I was able to show my dad this special place.  I have clients going in October and can’t wait to continue to share my love of Oia and all of Greece with more clients in the future!

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