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A note to the grown-ups:  This virtual tour is designed for minimal supervision and with a variety of activities depending on child’s interest, not all activities are meant to be completed.  Even if your kids are not reading yet, each section has a graphic to indicate what is about.  Kids can click on the graphic or in activity description for videos.  Non-readers can just skip the reading sections if parents are working or unavailable.  The recipes are ideas for you and your child to make together.  Crafts will likely need supervision.  

Children can keep track of their virtual tours with the Virtual Tours Passport Coloring Book

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Thank you for joining us on our virtual tour!  
We are so glad you are joining us!  We are ready for take off! 

مرحبا اهلا بك في مصر

Hello! Welcome To Egypt

There is so much to love about Egypt.
Our Egyptian adventure starts with some facts, then is broken down into twelve sections:  Overview, Books, Podcast, Coloring, Music, Crafts, S.T.E.M., Animals, Tours, Food, Movement, & Movie.
You do not have to do all of the sections, scroll to whatever interests you.

Quick Facts About Egypt

Where Is Egypt?

Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of Africa.  It is surrounded by the countries of Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, Israel and the Gaza strip to the east.  It is also is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea,.

What Is The Capital Of Egypt?


More About Egypt
  • The people of Egypt speak Arabic.
  • The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt spans across two continents, Africa and Asia.
  • The Nile River is the longest river in the world and flows north through Egypt and, finally, into the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Ancient Egyptians built pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs (rulers of Ancient Egypt) and their families. 
  • Over 130 pyramids still exist in Egypt today.
  • The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid. 
  •  Cats were sacred animals to the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Hieroglyphics were developed by Ancient Egyptians and were one of the first form of writing in the world.
  • The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs!  Bonus Link to learn more about hieroglyphics.
egypt virtual tour
Photo credit: Pete Linforth


Listen to this ‘Dad and Me Love History’ podcast with special guests, Egyptologist and author Malayna Evans, and her daughter Soren.  This podcast will take you inside the Pyramids and tell you all about tree goddesses, cat lovers and looking good in the afterlife. The special guests reveal that the most famous ‘Egyptian’ of them all isn’t even Egyptian!


Play this Egyptian music in the background while coloring and doing crafts.


This coloring sheet is a color by numbers of an Egyptian princess:

And here is a coloring sheet of the Pyramids:

My kids love connect the dots activities so I am going to start including one each week in the coloring section.  You can color it after.  This one is of a mommy camel and her baby.


While you listen to the music, make your own Pharaoh Headdress Printable Craft

You can also make these Egyptian cat mummies with toilet paper or paper towel rolls: Egyptian Cat Mummies


Here are instructions for mummifying an apple.  Kind of gross, but also kind of cool.  Get permission from a grown up before doing this one!


It’s not exactly Egyptian food, but it is based on the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification.  And since Halloween is coming soon, click here to find out how to make mummy hot dogs!.

Here is an article about food in Egypt.  You probably already eat one of the popular foods at home – hummus is very popular in Egypt!


Cosmic Kids Yoga – Alan the Camel


egypt virtual tour

If your parents will let you watch a movie about Egypt, The Prince of Egypt is a great choice!

Thank you for visiting Egypt with us today!  Make sure to download the passport coloring book below.  We will add a new page with each virtual tour.  Ask a grown up if you need help.

Please select fit to paper when printing the single passport stamp.

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