Donor Trips

Fundraising Through Travel

Explore More wants to bring together those who champion your cause through travel. Building a relationship with your donor base through curated travel experiences will encourage them to continue engaging with your organization.   As they share their travel experiences, you will reach a new audience and potentially increase your donor list.

Planning a donor trip is a lot of work.   Many times that task ends up on the desk of someone who does not have the travel expertise necessary to get the best value for a nonprofit.  By outsourcing your donor trip to Explore More, you ensure that a travel professional is not only curating a trip that will attract your donors but also handling all of the trip details.  Through our relationships, we are often able to get group rates less than what an individual nonprofit can get from a resort or cruise line.  Explore More has worked with groups as large as 160 people.  We can arrange accommodations, as well as air.  We can even help you create registration and marketing materials.

Every trip is fully customizable.  We work in tandem with your team to ensure it is a trip that will attract your donors.  Our goal is to turn happy travelers into lifelong supporters of your cause.  An added bonus is that we become supporters of your cause by donating a portion of the trip proceeds back to your nonprofit.  We support those who support us, that is what community is all about. 

Please reach out directly to our founder and CEO, Jen Campbell Boles, at to discuss how Explore More can help with your donor trip program.