Divine Llama Vineyards, A Day Trip From Charlotte NC


We went on a little adventure last weekend to Divine Llama Vineyards.  It is a little over an hour north of our home, so it is an easy day trip from Charlotte.  I have been wanting to go there for ages, but finally made it there with a couple of my travel industry friends.   If you like wine, beautiful outdoor spaces, social distancing, and llamas, you’ve got to go there soon!  It was busy, but all tables were spaced out and many of them were covered.  Both the staff and customers were wearing masks and the only time we really got within 6 feet of anyone was in the line for the bathroom and when ordering.  
Every weekend, the winery has food trucks on site.  The llamas are a short walk from the winery.  We strategically saved our llama visit for the end of our time there.  That way we could keep the kids behaving with the promise of llamas in the near future.  I have started carrying a container of drawing pads, activity books, and markers in our van for the boys when we are out for meals or drinks. 
Over the summer, a client of mine made me a super cute bucket full of snacks for summer fun as a thank you for helping her with all of her trip cancellations.  It came in really handy during our road trip.  It was such a perfect gift for our family.
At home, I usually do not use individually wrapped snacks and opt for packing snack containers when leaving the house, but COVID has changed all of that.  We must do everything in our power to prevent the spread of germs.   Keeping this cute bucket full of individually wrapped snacks allows us to share with friends when we meet up outside.  I just grab it from the pantry and go. We all know that kids need lots of snacks to remain happy, and it is imperative that snacks can be offered to any friends we come across.
Eventually, the kids got bored of the snacks and drawing, so off to see the llamas we went!  It was a scenic stroll by the vineyards to the llama farm.
divine llama vineyards

You are allowed to carry your wine with you as you stroll.  In fact, you can bring your own lawn chairs and really socially distance by drinking your wine in the llama farm area.

divine llama vineyards

The boys were more excited than I realized they would be about meeting llamas.  The first thing Bryson said when he woke up on Sunday morning was ‘we are going to see llamas today!!!’

We could not have timed our trip to the llama farm more perfectly.  As we we approached, a llama trek was ending.  You can actually pay to take the llamas on a 2 mile walk around the property.  Pretty ingenious of Divine Llama to have you pay to exercise their llamas!  I’m sold!

divine llama vineyards

Honestly, how can you not love llamas?  Even with all the spitting (yes they spit!) and llama drama, they are quite loveable.  Look at this goofy grin!

divine llama vineyards
I have been learning more about llamas this week as a result of our visit.  I have taken on the subject in my business page’s community group ‘Explore More Learning Culture At Home (Or On The Road!)‘ – which aims to do the following:  “Whether you are looking to enhance your child’s classroom, remote learning, or homeschooling, we will post ideas for exposing your kids to other cultures.  Ask questions, post articles you find.  Let’s support each other as we teach our kids about this big, beautiful world.”  I am basically posting info that others can share with their kids to teach them more about the world around us, I hope others do the same.  I think that these types of activities are especially important now since we can’t visit the world. 
This Facebook group fell by the wayside after school got out for summer, but I am giving it another go.  If it sounds like something you may be interested in, please join here.  While it is aimed at kids, I personally find the information interesting.  For example, do you know the difference between a llama and an alpaca?  I posted that information yesterday in the group.  
All this llama and alpaca talk has me thinking of my trip to Peru in 2008 which is highlighted below in my Wanderlust Inspiration section.  I’ll be posting more information about Peru in the Culture At Home Facebook Group.  It was always a goal of mine to promote ways to learn about culture in ways other than travel, and COVID has given me the opportunity to focus on that goal.  This group will definitely help me keep dreaming, I hope it does the same for others.

Keep Dreaming,

divine llama vineyards
Look at this thinner, younger, blonder me with an alpaca in Peru circa 2008.  Alpacas are one of the many things to love about Peru – the native people still follow many of their traditions, llamas, guinea pigs, Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, and of course, Machu Picchu.  I’ll be sharing some of my memories on social media.

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divine llama vineyards
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Divine Llama Vineyards

Divine Llama Vineyards Divine Llama Vineyards Divine Llama Vineyards Divine Llama Vineyards 

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