Club Med Miches Love

Are you ready for me to stop talking about Club Med Miches yet?!  If so, I am so sorry!  I can’t stop!  I haven’t even told you about the resort itself yet!  Just about our experiences which makes sense because at Explore More, it is all about experiences!  We want our clients coming back feeling connected with their destination and the people they traveled with – that takes more work than just making a booking and sending clients on their way!
Multiple people have asked me if I really loved Club Med Miches as much as I am leading on.  After all, my job is to sell travel, so maybe my excitement is exaggerated?  I promise that it is not!  I love travel, so it is hard to upset me during travel.  That is why I am more or less excited about every trip we take.  However, some trips are better than others, and I can honestly say our experience at Club Med Miches was the best vacation our family has ever taken.  Seriously!
Now, please keep in mind that I put vacations in a different category than travel.  I did a whole newsletter about my definitions of travel vs vacation a few months ago, but here is the summary version – travel is to really explore a destination and vacation is more about relaxing.  We usually travel more than vacation.  
One of my family travel tricks is to travel at the start of an itinerary and end with a few days of vacation.  Thus, none of us has ever stayed at the same resort for six nights.  Rob and I were worried we would be bored when planning our Miches trip.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When it was time to leave, I was so sad that we had not been able to stay longer.
Below are a few random photos that tell the story of our stay.  The boys dressed up for a cocktail hour on the beach at sunset, there is a swim up bar in the adult only pool (which is naturally filtered by surrounding plants vs chlorine or salt!!!), I loved the lofty lobby, and the nighttime photo is at the à la carte beachfront restaurant.

Club Med Miches Magic

Club Med provides so many activities to keep your family engaged There are organized events that I have highlighted in my social media posts like barbecues on the beach and pool games. My favorite part is the cocktail hour that they set up in the evenings. This is such a great opportunity to meet other guests or even the other G.O.s (employees that are the hosts for activities throughout the resort). We really enjoyed meeting other families while our kids ran circles around us. I really appreciated having something to look forward to each evening instead of just looking at my family, shrugging, and saying I guess it’s time to eat.

After the cocktail hour, we grabbed dinner, sometimes alone and sometimes with other guests or G.O.’s. The boys really enjoyed their conversations with the various people from all over the world. They ask a lot of questions, so it was a nice change for them to direct their questions to someone other than us! On the nights we could keep the boys awake after their action packed days, we watched the entertainment after dinner which was quite impressive, especially the Cirque du Soleil-esque aerial acrobats.

We spent time with Gui pictured below. He told us all about his life, the challenges he faced growing up, and what led him to Circus School (which I never knew was an actual thing until this trip) when he sat with us for lunch one day. Connor looked at me and said ‘well, he’s led an interesting life’! That night, Gui joined us for cocktail hour, and Connor created this drawing of Gui flying through the air the evening before. The evening entertainment by these aerial acrobats is similar to Cirque du Soleil, and there is no extra charge to be wowed by their performances! Be wowed yourself by watching the link below (may work better on computer vs phone)

In stark comparison and for a good laugh, here is the footage of the flying Boles aerial moves.
During the day, the boys enjoyed their mornings with Edwin (see last two weeks of emails if you don’t know what I’m talking about!), and afternoons either involved pool/beach games or fun activities like archery, trapeze, putt-putt, playground, splash pad, adventure course, soccer, basketball, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and I am sure I am leaving out some things!  Of course, we also did trivia with Edwin at 2:15 every day!

Club Med Miches, An Eco-Resort

Club Med Miches is made unique by its untouched beauty. A star of Club Med’s Exclusive Collection, this eco-chic and environmentally friendly all-inclusive resort, the first of its kind, is designed with four distinct boutique-villages providing for a one-of-a-kind getaway with exclusive services. If you stick to the center of the resort, you can enjoy socializing, but it is so easy to get away from everyone along the immaculate beach dotted with hammocks and palm groves.
There are no high rise buildings here.  There are small buildings of 3-4 rooms spaced out and landscaped with plants that are natural to the area.  I really appreciated that they did not clear out the natural vegetation to make room for the resort.  The buildings are camouflaged by their surroundings.  You really feel a world away while walking through the resort.  I did a video walk through from the lobby down both sides of the beach and back to my room, and it took 15 minutes.  I took the direct paths and did not meander through the various villages, nor did I walk to the activity areas that we enjoyed or the yoga palapa.  Bottom line, this resort is large and spread out which gives a very away from it all vibe which is exactly the vibe I am looking for on vacation.

For those of you who do not know, sea weed has become a big issue in tourist areas of Mexico, Dominican Republic, and many areas of the Caribbean over the past few years.  It is suspected that global warming plays a factor.  There was no seaweed on the beach in Miches.  That doesn’t mean that it is never an issue, but my understanding is that it is rarely an issue here.

Club Med Miches, The Family Rooms

Explorer Cove referenced above is one of the family sections of the resort.  All the room are two bedroom/two bath.  The kids bedroom has enough for three kids.  Finding rooms for a family of five at an all inclusive resort is a tall order, trust me!  Having this option for a family of five is music to my ears since there is so much to love about this resort.  I wanted to share the room tour I posted on Instagram (viewing may work best on computer vs phone)

For those looking for a fancy shmancy version of the family suites, there is a section called La Perla where beachront suites provide more space and a private pool.

La Perla’s private pool is divine!

Club Med Miches, Adult Only Suites

I know I keep talking about how perfect Club Med is for families, but it really is perfect for anyone looking for a social atmosphere on vacation, but also the ability to have privacy.  I can’t think of anything more private than the adult only beachfront suites with private plunge pool!  This resort really has thought of everything!

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