Exciting Announcement!

Hey y’all! I am really excited to make this blog post because I have a big announcement!  Not only is Explore More Family Travel growing, but the reason for doing so! I have brought on Emily Duncan to help me with Explore More’s commitment to giving back. Her formal title is Community & Culture Engagement Specialist. Please keep scrolling for more details!


The goal of Explore More has always been to give back, but there was never a formal commitment to do so.  Then, 2020 happened and there was nothing to give back because nobody was traveling.  As people start traveling again, it would be easy for me to wait to make a commitment to donate to non-profits.  I have a good excuse.  I really should re-invest in this business after a brutal year that crippled the travel industry and my business.  However, the brutality of 2020 is exactly the reason I can not wait.  It is more evident now than ever before that we all must do what we can, when we can.

Thus, Explore More Family Travel is making a formal commitment to donate 10% of net profits to non-profit organizations both in our community and in the world that needs us more than ever before.  There is no formal plan, but at the end of this year, I will list on my website and share via this weekly email the organizations that have received donations from us in the form of fundraising and donations.  We are in the process of launching our first fundraiser, and I will share more details about it next week!  For more information on Explore More’s commitment to give back, please click here.


Emily Duncan, a mom of 4 young children, believes that cultural exposure is a key to raising compassionate children who see the importance of valuing everyone’s story. Before becoming a mom, Emily worked as a trained American Sign Language interpreter. and visited all seven continents! She stepped back from her position to focus on her children and giving back to her community in various ways. Her combined personal and professional experience makes her the perfect fit for our new Community & Culture Engagement Specialist role at Explore More Family Travel! She looks forward to traveling the world again and bringing her kids along, and will also help us stay connected to the world when we are unable to travel. Emily, her husband, and her kids (plus their two fur babies) live in the Lake Norman area and are always looking for new ways to explore more!


It doesn’t get much more socially distanced than a chartered sailing trip!  You can skipper a boat yourself, hire a skipper, or even charter a yacht.  You can even hire a cook.  There are many options for sailing for a vacation and we’ll learn about this unique style of travel.  Join us for our virtual sailing adventure on April 28 at 7 pm ET.  Please register HERE.


Every trip needs a souvenir.  Explore More has partnered with Salacia Salts to create virtual event kits to enhance each month’s virtual event. You even get to choose how you want to travel, coach or first class!   CLICK HERE to order.


I like to send out a photo I have taken during my past travel as a Wanderlust Inspiration each Wanderlust Wednesday.  This week, I am remembering my visit to Puerto Rico.

I love reliving my past travels through photos.  It brings me to a time and place where I felt connected to the world outside of my bubble and engaged with not only those I was traveling with, but the people I am meeting that have a different background and experience than my own.  This is key in developing empathy for others.  My hope is that these weekly photos will create a sense of wanderlust for you!

I did not spend nearly enough time in PR during my travel industry conference aboard the Celebrity Summit, but it is totally my kind of place. Old San Juan satisfies my love of architecture and culture, while the turquoise water around San Juan satisfies my love of sitting on a beach sipping a fruity beverage. Puerto Rico has been a popular destination since it is a US territory and does not require quarantine upon return to the mainland. However, as more of us get vaccinated, this is not as big of an issue. That does not mean you should take PR off your list though! There is so much to explore here, especially as you move further away from Old San Juan.

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