Meet Jen

Jen is our founder & CEO.   To say she is obsessed with travel, might be an understatement – she is approaching 50 countries visited, many of them multiple times.  From her luxury travel experiences at Gulfstream Aerospace to her days pushing two strollers around Europe, her fascination with culture has remained constant.  Jen’s travels give her insight into creating luxury family vacations with an emphasis on authentic experiences that will forever link clients to their destinations. 

Family Travel Expert Mom

Some moms travel often with their kids and some moms sell travel, but Jen does a lot of both which has taught her a thing or two about family travel.  Because of this combination of experiences, she is often featured in media and publications as a family travel expert.  She was also a Luminaries, Legends, and Leaders Nominee in the category of Family + Celebration Travel at 2022 Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, NV.

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Meet The Team

It takes a coordinated effort to make sure our clients travel around the world without a hitch.  Meet the team that will ensure your trip is the best it can be.