Travel should not end when you have kids.  You can still travel as far and as often as you want.  It is actually more important to travel once you have kids so that you raise well-rounded, open-minded children with an appreciation of their privilege.  We live in a society of first-world problems, and we must do our part to raise a generation of global citizens who appreciate the world outside of their bubbles.  We have the opportunity to raise little globetrotters who will forever be comfortable navigating the globe and will always appreciate the diversity of the world around them.

Elevated Travel Services

There is a misconception that luxury travel means white linens and crystal. The modern definition is quite different, at least when it comes to travel. Luxury travel means a seamless travel experience with access to exclusive and unique experiences and elevated service. It is attainable for those whose focus is on the value of the trip versus the price.

What our clients say ...

Our clients range from couples to families to groups of friends to corporate events.  No matter the type of traveler or type of trip, our clients are happy!  Don’t take our word for it, read for yourself.  We have gathered these reviews that have been gathered by third parties, Virtuoso link and Google.

About us

Our focus is on high-touch service and authentic experiences.  Jen is the founder and CEO, but Explore More is quickly growing and we are developing a full service team to assist our clients with their travels.

Where we travel?

Our clients travel all over, and so do we!  Whether for our personal vacations or educational opportunities, we are always learning about new destinations and experiences around the world.


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what does all this mean for our clients?  Click HERE to find out!